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Sie kritisieren, dass Aguilera mit der Werbeanfrage offiziell den Stempel "übergewichtig" aufgedrückt bekäme.

Zwar hat die einstmals gertenschlanke Sängerin in den vergangenen Jahren tatsächlich ein paar Kilo zugelegt, doch sie selbst steht zu ihren Kurven.

Adisa Banjoko: I notice you did not swear on Adisa Banjoko: Who was that at the beginning of “Who’s Gonna Take the Weight”? He was introducing [Minister Louis] Farrakhan, but I’m forgetting his name right now.

Since I did “Manifest,” everybody was asking me if I was Five Percent [Nation of Gods and Earths] like groups like Brand Nubian, Rakim, King Sun, Poor Righteous Teachers. But I’ll put it to you like this: A lot of my boys are [Five Percenters], I know a lot of people that are. They call Jersey “New Jerusalem,” Brooklyn is “Medina,” “Mecca” is Harlem, Queens was ummm.

Ihre selbstbewussten Aussagen unterstreicht Aguilera mit ihrem Auftreten auf dem Roten Teppich (siehe Fotostrecke) oder dem Cover für ihr aktuelles Album „Lotus“, auf dem die Sängerin nur leicht bekleidet posiert.

In life and in death, Guru remains Gifted, Unlimited and his Rhymes Universal. I was working with foster kids through New York City. [DJ] Premier’s grandfather used to be in a Jazz band.

Adisa Banjoko: I’m chillin’ right now with Keithy E from Gang Starr. Adisa Banjoko: I always noticed a heavy Jazz influence in your music, from day one. When he was first getting into Rap, he used to tell him, “Yo, it’s the same thing. If I was with my friends and I needed some money or something, I’d pass by his house.

Initially conducted for Black Panther newspaper Sitting next to Gang Starr partner DJ Premier, Guru and Banjoko’s ’91 conversation took place during San Francisco’s Galvin Convention, on the steps of radio station KPOO. I listen to “Double Trouble.” Run-DMC, they changed the format. His lyrics, and the way he displays his lyrics show that. It does not matter, look at his styles and the way he flips his lyrics.

Also present for this interview were KRS-One, Young Black Teenagers and famed engineer Sam Sever. I chill with my crew in an ‘86 Cadillac—it isn’t no new one. Just because I don’t rhyme with all the curses and what they call “Gangster Rap,” I don’t feel I have to talk about it because I been through a lot of it. A lot of rappers be tryin’ to act like the old school does not matter.


It’s just another expression of the street.” With me, my godfather was a heavy Jazz buff. He’d grab the whole posse and say, “Sit down and listen.” He’d sit us in between two big ass speakers, as tall as the next man.

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