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Xna updating bounding box

If there is a building, you create an array of 2 Vector3s: one indicating the lower-back-left point of the builting, and one indicating the upper-front-right point of the building. So you ask XNA to construct a Bounding Box object based on these 2 points using the Bounding Box. Once the Bounding Box for the current building has been created, you add it to the List.

In the end, you convert the List to an array and store this array in the building Bounding Boxes variable.

Now i created model with additional sphere which represent my bounding sphere in game. Really you should somehow only generate the starting sphere once you know the first sphere. If you're going to transform all the spheres in the getter, is it by the object's current transform?

I just checking if the Mesh name is "Bounding Sphere" and when it is I'm adding mesh. Scale and Position don't seem dependent on the mesh it's transforming the sphere of, so that construction of the world Transform matrix could be moved outside the loop.

This is done using exactly the same approach: your create an array of 2 points. The first point is the lower-back-left point of the city, the other is the upper-front-right point of the city. From these points you create a Bounding Box which you store in the complete City Box variable. Members with credit cards can use this feature to buy credits with a single click, making their online experience even smoother.To detect collisions, were going to model our xwing as a sphere, an abstraction which is good enough for this purpose.

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Now run this code, and make sure you crash as soon as possible to try out your new code!