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She joined three of the most popular dating Web sites and shortly received a number of responses. Dating in cyberspace, though, often involves unrealistic fantasies. Yet, as often noted, this can’t be counted on to lead to a happy marriage.A report in makes this observation: “Users can carefully edit their e-mails and present themselves in the most flattering way. One man wrote about his experiences with on-line dating: “It’s a trap. Attempts by well-meaning friends and family to set you up with someone have done nothing but embarrass you and have left you more discouraged than ever. But, thus far, none of your efforts to find someone like that have worked out.A future article will consider additional problems. Quick Flirt is a large dating site catering to all faiths, but the great thing about our site is that you can enter various search criteria, such as wanting to date fellow single Jehovah witnesses.

Sadly, many of those engaging in Internet dating have found that to be true.True, the Bible encourages us to focus on a person’s inner qualities.(1 Peter 3:4) Yet, the problem is that in a computer relationship, you cannot observe gestures, smiles, or countenance. In this age of the computer, finding a compatible mate may seem to be just a few clicks away. So you are wondering if maybe you should turn to technology for help.

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