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I honestly don't see how else to start a conversation on these things.

I'm not going to bother for now, for the price you pay compared to the actual results is a complete rip off IMHO.

The awkwardness of the situation wins and destroys any chance of actually connecting with the person. If youve just moved to a new area, have a very demanding job that takes up all your time or are just getting over some personal issues it makes sense. If you want to meet someone and you say youre working on your appearance join a gym, you're more likely to meet friends and a partner. As an informed guess, I would say that the average woman on a dating site receives around 100 times as many first-contact messages than she sends herself.

Go to outdoor events, take part in local and residential activities and get your friends/neighbours to introduce people to you. Every girl on a dating site is on it because she wants a boyfriend. That sounds like a big difference, but all it is really is a girl getting 5-10 messages a day, and a guy getting one every few weeks, which is about what tends to happen. I use free ones because I'm not convinced dating sites in general have much success rate but the problem with the free ones is many people just sign up to mess about or try to get sex.

If someone i meet happens to catch my eye then great! About 50% don't reply to my reply, and the rest just stop after a couple more messages either way. I've talked to some genuine people on there but never had a date from there.

When you see your matches, you can also send them ice breakers in order to get a conversation flowing (which is handy).On signing up it said I had 24 hours to cancel - but there was a notice on my account saying that I couldn't cancel the repeat payment until all 3 payments had been made. - maybe - but if I paid, did that mean they could not reply to me unless I went direct to the GMAIL - so then why pay.Having read the reviews about difficulties in cancelling I immediately contacted my credit card - unfortunatley they had to honour the first payment but will block all future payments - you are legally within your rights to do this - check with citizen advice web page.... But the idea to pay to see these many many users who added me was tempting.If you use these sites and get the £9.99p type offers pay using Paypal you can then go into your Paypal account and cancel the automatic renewal straight away then after 24hrs you should also cancel the auto renewal via the sites subscription page , nothing to lose as will be able to use the site until membership expires and they will send you another offer . They do not have enough members and should shut down.These companies rely on members forgetting to cancel their auto renewals My experience is that a lot of people have not logged into the site for over a month which indicates they are not active and they seem to have very few members. Like others, I went for the seemingly low introductory offer. I'm going to have to cancel my credit card to stop them from charging me!

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DON' T GO THERE, I can't even find an address for them to complain.