Who is veronica montelongo dating

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Moreover, she posts pictures and videos on her social media account.

Anastasiya Scheglova holds a net worth of 0 thousand through her work in modeling and acting.

The show also featured Armando's brother, David Montelongo and his wife, Melina Montelongo.

At first, they haven't revealed the real reason for their divorce though many viewers assumed their personal differences as the main issue.Being in a relationship with a famous celebrity can quickly bring your status to the spotlight. She is an aspiring actress who rose to prominence after marrying American real estate entrepreneur and public speaker, Armando Montelongo.Talking about her age, Veronica Montelongo seems in her late 40s, although the information regarding her early life, parents, siblings and educational background is under the radar.However, in summer 2017, the TV star told the court, Armando still owed her 7,500 but he denied the allegations, countering that he overpaid her by ,600.Veronica Montelongo is unmarried at present and is not dating anyone at the moment.

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