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Who is steve terada dating

Jesse Eisenberg (Casey Davies), Alessandro Nivola (Sensei), Imogen Poots (Anna), Steve Terada (Thomas), David Zellner (Henry), Phillip Botello (Kennith), Jason Burkey (Alex), Mike Brooks (Steve), CJ Rush (Other Steve), Davey Johnson (Gun Store Owner) a nebbish accountant who gets mugged one night while walking to buy dog food.

Casey is told to take as much time off from work as he needs, which he does, dipping into his unused vacation days.

He looks into buying a handgun and fills out the paperwork.

But then he happens upon a karate studio, where the charismatic sensei (Alessandro Nivola) convinces him to try out a free class.

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During his adolescence, he was introduced to tricking, the unique fighting style later used in TRON: Legacy, and practiced the art for eight years.You can see that his tastes and Hollywood's needs have increasingly drawn him to offbeat indie fare like this.He serves the film well and gives it precisely the performance the entire film hedges upon.And he invites Casey to participate in his exclusive after-hours night class.The comic tone ensures we're not taking Stearns' masculinity lessons at face value, the way that you could with Fight Club.

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