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Who is matt dillon dating

He has expanded his range but maybe some still remember the early Matt. You can choose to believe me or not I've heard the claim for over 30 years. I was looking for something else on this site and saw the thread and many seemed interested in knowing more than about his sexuality so I decided to give a little insight. He was "discovered" at 14 (I think) thrown into this very surreal world and for the most part he's held up pretty well. He should've gone into the record industry after film because he has a knack for discovering new talent years before they go mainstream. south-east asia if my memory serves me right and he even went back to direct a movie in Thailand or Vietnam..he probably likes them real young. R71, agreed, he looked good in the movie, but he should have been shirtless more.He never went to college yet he took the time to educate himself on a wide range of topics. i'm too lazy to google but i remember he liked jazz and collects vinyls, 45s or 8 tracks or whatever those relics are called..i wouldn't put it past him to "steal" allegedly, lots of actors "research" their roles...i think Keanu Reeves was caught scalping tickets outside of a stadium once but was let go. It's a free world :)Exactly how would R45 KNOW for sure the guy is straight? I just read on the Glee thread that Criss posted a Face Book message talking about how much his life has changed since getting cast on the show. Sean Young looked a eecade older than him and awful with the bleached hair.He hasn't done badly at all but even when I saw him a while ago he was frustrated about what he was being offered and about how hard is was to be seriously considered for what he wanted to do. He came over and was talking to me for a few minutes and I was in the mood, so I said, “Do you want to get out of here? Big difference between men and women: when men go out, they wonder if they’re going to get laid.From Seka's bio[quote]I also met Matt Dillon at Limelight. When women go out, we choose whether we’re going to get laid.I saw him at the Formosa Cafe in Hollywood one night.

He was getting very relaxed afterwards and started to go to sleep.Matt Dillon keeps it casual in low-key Italian getaway with girlfriend The Wayward Pines actor donned a more scruff look than his usual clean-cut appearance as he kept his hair longer and curlier along with a light stubbly beard.Can't speak to his sexuality, but as for his career-- it's very hard for guys who are known as young heartthrob types to make the transition to a more mature actor.He might have had a longer career if he'd done action films like Tom Cruise, but things like Drugstore Cowboy or even Flamingo Kid marked him as a more niche actor--even though they were better films than anything Cruise ever did.He's at a point now where he's got sitcom dad looks but not movie dad-- he still looks too handsome to be Miles Teller's dad even though that's age appropriate.

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I really don't think so..wives, Cameron Diaz as a girlfriend, no babies out of wedlock, attractive 47 year old man, never married. Among the project he said he's been lucky to work on was a film with Matt Dillon. I'd like to see Matt Dillon plow his hairy little hole. I was glad he told her she looked cheap with it because she did. He was dating a female hairdresser when she knew him, and his girlfriend made a huge scene on the set after finding out he was having sex with her friend, who was a "she-male."There have always been 'net rumors that he was gay or bi, and kinky.

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