Who is laila ali dating

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Who is laila ali dating

He converted to Sunni Islam and concerted his name on the year 1975. military as he was against the Vietnam War and was found to be guilty on charges of draft evasion and thus his boxing title was stripped.

Ali loved by everyone, became an iconic figure in and out of the boxing ring. After stopping to fight for four years, the charge was overturned on 1971.

He is not only known for the skills he portrayed in the field of acting but also for the religious freedom he exemplified outside the field.

As for his personal life, Muhammad has been married a total of four times.

After their divorce on 10th January, 1966, Ali married Belinda Boyd on August 17, 1967. From his father’s extra marital relationships he has two other sisters, Miya and Khaliah, totaling nine children. He also said he saw his father all the time as a kid but as he grew older he saw him less and less.

After their divorce on 10th January 1966, Ali married Belinda Boyd on August 17, 1967.

Boyd changed her name to Khalilah Ali and the couple had children Maryum, Jamillah, Rasheda and Muhammad Ali Jr.

From these marriages, he has seven daughters and two sons.

Sonji Roi was his first wife who was a cocktail waitress.

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His life also documented in the TV-movie Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight.

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