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Find out what they picked and why, and come back next Wednesday for yet another highly debatable installment of The Best Movie Ever!If you ask me (and you very specifically are) I would say that there are movies that John Cusack stars in, and then there are “John Cusack movies.” The former sort could be just about anything, good or bad: , whatever.The latter sort are films that capitalize on John Cusack’s laid-back screen presence, his everyman charms, and his just about perfect balance of optimism and malaise.Audiences tend to love John Cusack movies as much as I do.Pahlke had been star-struck for years, sending John Cusack emails, letters, and voicemails telling him they were supposed to be together.She climbed into Cusack’s home through a window, but John was not home at the time. He subsequently applied for a restraining order, stating that Pahlke “claims that the angels told her that we were together in a previous life, and that she needs to be with me now in order for me to remember how special she was to me.” His request was granted.

John Cusack’s greatest strength as an actor is his power to be common. To be the guy you want to talk to, even if he’s playing a guy you don’t necessarily like.

But his best films were a decade later, when the optimism and promises from youth start to turn into questions of “what does it all mean?

” The Thin Red Line and Being John Malkovich are the best movies that Cusack appears in, but High Fidelity is—top to bottom—the best John Cusack movie.

has its fan (although I personally think he comes across like an unlikable jerk in that one).

But the film that has come to define John Cusack’s on-screen persona is the slight and wonderful teen romance Yes, it’s the one with the boombox.

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But as High Fidelity shows us, even he is not immune from the “what does it all mean?