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“I was forced to pull out a bigger book of tricks to help him get to the point of no return sooner, or risk some serious health issues of my own.Swinging from the chandelier [every night we spent together] was taking its toll on my well-being.” Johnson finally found success at moving Ashe along when she showed up in “a seductive cowgirl outfit” with a sheer top and a denim skirt “with nothing on underneath.” Johnson had a “short encounter” with Eddie Murphy, then at the height of his early success, which “hadn’t gone well.” Johnson was put off by Murphy’s ego, especially after, at a swank party, Murphy had his bodyguards tell Jagger to leave the bathroom so Murphy could use it alone.The two went out for a while, and Johnson says that Ashe’s “four-hour, hot-and-heavy tennis matches developed endurance muscles in every area of the body.“We had all-night lovemaking sessions,” she writes.

“Jerry told us she had been invited to some faraway Arab island for the weekend and was given the luxury goods at no charge — and nothing was given in exchange. ’ she said proudly.” Johnson herself was no stranger to such gifts.

Sims was previously married to David Patterson in 2010 and has been working as a plus-sized model. Barnes was previously married to Gloria Govan, formerly of the VH1 show Basketball Wives LA, with whom he has twin sons. To see additional pictures of the beautiful Anansa Sims, flip the pages.

We broke the news earlier that Matt Barnes and Anansa Sims are expecting a seed with some backstory. Physically, Anansa is BEAUTIFUL, with a whole lot of bawwwdy for Matt to handle.

Which is not to say that Johnson lacked famous lovers.

Tennis star Arthur Ashe called her for a date after winning Wimbledon in 1975.

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Given her privileged status as she rose through the modeling world, Johnson sometimes incurred the jealous wrath of other models — particularly the few black ones, who were all jockeying for limited exposure. Don’t you understand how crazy that makes us both look?