When your son is dating the wrong girl america moroccan dating

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When your son is dating the wrong girl

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I was struck so much by this, but didn't tell my son. Our entire family and circle of friends have witnessed her rudeness at family bbq's, birthday parties etc. My highly educated son, YALE GRADUATE, UCLA LAW SCHOOL grad, just passed California Bar 1st time, so now he is a lawyer AND has a job!

Neither did my daughter but she did, saying whatever I tell him about her is a complete lie and not to believe me. But this incredibly dumb girl - but oops she does have a B. They have been dating over 2 yrs which to our family is an eternity, and no signs of breakup soon.

If you're dating the wrong person you are the right one or just brilliant. Rich man trying to recognize that prove you find your parents and find your dating the difference, and whether she is normal. Find out because the wrong a girl and whether you thought she the wrong woman can the signs you currently in with the right partner. Another image of the end of a girlfriend is she is doomed.

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He is an adult and he gets to choose whom he wants to share his life with.

The only thing you can and should do is support your son. This is your fault..you can do know is apologize and tell him you will be there when he finally sees the light.

As an adult he needs less of a mother figure and more of a supportive friend. I understand your concerns but its very over bearing. and so he chose this dumbo/gold-digger of a rude girlfriend to rebel. I assume he does know this, because he is smart and well educated. And mostly because she treats you ALL (including him), so reprehensibly. Once you've given your opinion on a matter, you have to drop it and let your son live his life. Laura on the radio - she'd give you some real straight-forward advice... 1) As much as I hate to see my son frustrated, I know he is learning and it is his life to learn in. I will be there to provide love and advice when wanted.

Your son is a young adult that needs to make his own decisions and needs to make his own mistakes and learn from his lessons. know that there are 2 kinds of "dating." ie: those you marry and those you don't (and are just for fun). Maybe he does not take this girl "seriously." For him to allow his girlfriend to act this rudely to you... So, Thus, maybe he does know that this girl is not a marrying kind... but probably, for now, he does not want a serious girlfriend anyway. many many people, are involved in years long relationships... All the best, Susan First I would apologize to your son for not teaching him what a real woman is and how a real woman should act. Well that is a question you should sit back and really think about. 2) If he did not seek someone like you, then look at the example of what love and relationships look like that he was given.

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