We are updating our records

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We regret any inconvenience to our Members, but it is our priority to remain compliant with the Criminal Justice Acts.Where a Member’s up-to-date identification is not on file by 1 June 2019, their Accounts may be deemed dormant.This may be a good thing if a particularly formal request is a good idea in your case, but it may be a bad thing if your employer would be more responsive to a casual and friendly letter.It is also made available with appropriate safeguards to protect anonymity to other users.We have been looking at our records management web page and how our information is organized.

Some historical links on external sites may not resolve to the content you were after.Also, keeping it simple avoids confusion and superfluous language.On the other hand, citing the relevant statutes can sometimes escalate the tone of your request.On a mobile device you will need to touch the search icon to see the search field.Notification in relation to Customer Due Diligence.

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To advise us if you change your name, you’ll need to complete the change of name form and send us a certified copy of a name change document.

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