Wanstrath dating jeremy

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Wanstrath dating jeremy

It brought me back to that very moment where my lip was quivering trying not to cry so hard.

Reality TV World: Was it hard keeping the ending from your friends and family members? Especially after you get dumped, (laughing) you kind of want some sympathy, you want your friends to be there to console you about everything.

There was almost no doubt in my mind that I was going to end up with him. Reality TV World: What was that confidence based on?

Chelsea: Based on how my time went with his parents, I really felt that I just meshed with them and it felt comfortable and everything went great with them.

Chelsea: I had expressed just concerns in general about being there with other women. If he really is in love with her, he should defend her all the way to the moon. Have you spoken to either him or Shayne since the final Rose Ceremony took place? Reality TV World: If you did have the chance to speak with either one of them, would you take that opportunity? Reality TV World: Was it difficult for you to watch unfold knowing how it ended? There were moments when I kind of cringed, it kind of made me upset.

But Shayne's young and I just find myself very different from her and I had a few times just kind of thought about how is that he could love the two of us when we're so different. He reassured me a couple of times and actually told me, "You guys are a lot alike, you just don't know." Reality TV World: Were you surprised by the way he defended Shayne? Reality TV World: Do you now regret making those comments? For a while I just wanted to get over things and kind of move on with life.

Just my time together with Matt, I was completely falling in love with him and getting the reassurance back from him I thought for sure. (laughing) I would want a really long engagement just because it would be a quick proposal -- knowing somebody for a short period of time.When it was down to the final two of us, could he actually fall in love with me when he's in love with someone else as well? After watching the show -- and that's the thing, I didn't see a connection with Shayne and Matt, nearly as much as I saw watching the show. It was really easy with Shayne." He was really comfortable with her and she was very open.I questioned that more and just felt I didn't even know if he has the ability to fall in love with me. So I understood that they did have a lot that I didn't know about.Chelsea: I don't have a problem with PDAs, I just have preferences. There's just a few things I -- that normally most women I guess like, and I don't like that much.But I don't dislike PDAs, I just think there's a time and a place for it.

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"Tell me, who have you been talking to on the phone with!

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