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The construction of railroads between the Ergeni and the Volga led to the creation of swampland in the area.

Consequently, chunks of southern regions are full of reeds.

Therefore, between the snowfall and appearance of leaves (in the first half of April), the city is very dusty. Comfortable weather ceases around the end of August, but extreme temperatures are less assured starting mid-October.

From sometime around November to March, pleasant weather for a stroll becomes altogether rare in Volgograd.

The roads are generally in good condition, although roadworks are plenty.

It used to be known as Stalingrad, a name which the city is still known as on several war-related dates each year (on account of local legislation).During the Soviet era and its period of associated development, these concerns were raised, and officials planned a systematic "airing out" of the streets by Volga breezes, as well as massive environmental development to halt the spread of dust.Gradually, this system is falling into decline, the "green ring" around Volgograd is being ruined, and forests are being cut down for housing.This does mean, however, that the Russian spoken in Volgograd is very close to the Moscow standard dialect.The proximity of Tsaritsyn to Cossack lands has, however, resulted in some cultural influence.

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Volzhsky grew around a hydroelectric power station which was built by Komsomol volunteers and by civil convict labor, who numbered almost 27,000 by 1953.

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