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Message) End Try Return ds End Function '----------------------------------------------------------------------' Dim CMD As New Sql Command("Get Product Name") CMD.

This enables these stored procedures and UDFs to utilize functionality in the . In this tutorial we will examine how to create managed stored procedures and User-Defined Functions and how to integrate them into our Northwind database. Note Managed database objects offer some advantages over their SQL counterparts.

Int).value = Param_1_value Dim connection As New Sql Connection(connection String) CMD. Tables(0)Msgbox("The value in Column ""Column Name1"": " & cstr(DR("Column Name1"))) next The command type will be determined based upon whether or not the command Text has a space in it.

If it has a space, it is a Text command ("select ...

Solved without any hassle :) The only fix I could find was to close the EDMX, and manually edit the XML, which, even after removing the stored proc from the database, and updating the model from the database - still had mention of the proc. In Model Browser, Delete SP from Complex Types, Function Imports and Stored Procedures/Functions.

Removing the lines from the XML has solved the issue.

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This tutorial shows how to create managed stored procedures and managed user-defined functions with your Visual Basic or C# code.

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