Updating wiki

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Updating wiki

In any case, take a look to the release notes to see those changes.You can upgrade the Media Wiki database in two ways: Either from the command line or from the web browser.It's strongly recommended to run those pending jobs before upgrading the wiki, to avoid them failing in case the parameter specification of those jobs change on the new version.Use run While the upgrade scripts are well-maintained and robust, things could still go awry.It's recommended that you unpack the new files into a new directory, and then apply customizations to the new directory (restoring Local Settings.php, images folder, extensions, and other customizations like custom skins) If you cannot access the command line on your server, download the Media Wiki tarball to your local computer and use 7zip to extract the tarball on your local PC.After you extracted the files locally, use your favorite FTP client software to upload directories and files to the server.

Be sure to upgrade to the latest versions of such extensions.

You may need to run the command as if you don't have full write permissions to the wiki install directories under your current user.

When untarring a tarball package normally a new directory for the new wiki version will be created and you will have to copy the old configuration files and images directory from your old installation directory: , export the files into a clean location, and then copy the old customized files into the new location as described in the previous section.

Extensions that are not adapted should use the old way of installing them. New variables may be added in newer versions, or some existing variables changed their type.

Refer to the installation instructions on the extension's page for more information. We usually try to use sane defaults for them, and in case of type change, be backwards compatible.

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If you don't have Git but you want to upgrade a lot of extensions, you might consider using mw Ext Upgrader.

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