Updating webmin

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Updating webmin

Hi guys, I'm not really sure if that's the best way to go, but that's what I did in order to upgrade the Webmin to the last available version.Added to the sources.list: deb sarge contrib deb sarge contrib Added key for this repository: wget add One CLI kick for Webmin upgrade: apt-get update && apt-get install --reinstall webmin service webmin start Finally from the Webmin GUI I gave a try with the "Upgrade Webmin" button and it did "the magic" ;-) The Webmin is v1.791 now... Webmin v1.780 is available for Turn Key v14.x and a quick glance over the changelog for Webmin v1.791 suggests that there are not any significant changes unless you wish to use Webmin for Let's Encrypt SSL certs. Is there something specific that you were missing or that was changed in the later version?My Webmin version is 1.620 and when I try the above command it says 'webmin is already the newest version' which is weird since 1.650 is the newest version. When I wrote the above post it was following an updated package having been added to the TKL repos.I suspect that unless there are any major security bugs that probably won't get incremented to a newer version at this stage...My install of TKL LAMP included Webmin 1.590 I did a manual install of Wordpress.

SEE: System update policy template download (Tech Pro Research) You only need two things to make this happen. Do note, should your kernel be upgraded, you need to reboot the server.I don't have an image since all I need is to reinstall the OS itself before there are any changes that would warrant the creation of an image of the virtual server.Because when I try to install the image its not letting me.Or did you explicitly want the Let's Encrypt stuff? Also be aware, that when you next run apt-get upgrade it will most likely reinstall the old version of Webmin again.So you'll need to remember to go back into Webmin and manually "Upgrade Webmin" every time you run apt-get upgrade...

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The first is a running instance of Ubuntu Server 18.04. Because of this, make sure to run the update/upgrade at a time when a reboot is possible (unless you have live patching installed, at which point you can run the task any time).

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