Updating software in linux

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Bug fixes, security patches, feature addition, improvements and everything else are ongoing on a regular basis.Devs are always working hard to fix any existing issues, adding new features and making them accessible to the worldwide user-base.

Otherwise, your system remains heavily vulnerable to both glitches and intrusions.

A package management system is comprised of sets of tools and file formats that are used together to install, update, and uninstall Linux apps.

The two most common package management systems are from Red Hat and Debian. Gentoo Linux uses a system called Portage, and Arch Linux uses nothing but tarballs (files).

The software that reads and executes all of those instructions is called a package manager.

Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, and other Debian-based distributions all use Red Hat, by default, uses several package management systems.

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The objective is to provide Ubuntu user with an information on how to update Ubuntu packages in order to keep Ubuntu system up to date.

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