Updating shower fixtures

Posted by / 05-May-2020 14:11

The valves will typically be in the general area of where the knobs that turn on the water are on the shower wall.The first issue to look for is if there are any leaks in the valve when you turn on the water.

If a sudden change in water pressure elsewhere in the house (such as when a toilet flushes or the washing machine starts) causes a drastic change in the water temperature in your shower, the valve may not be functioning properly.Even if your shower seems to be working fine, your shower and tub valves might be costing you performance that could enhance your morning routine and make every shower more enjoyable.What’s more, underperforming shower and tub valves could be costing you extra money each month by not performing as efficiently as they could.Inside this type of valve, a piston or diaphragm reacts to pressure changes inside the hot and cold water pipes — adjusting the flow accordingly so you’re not scalded or chilled when the pressure suddenly drops in the opposite water pipe. However, they offer a greater degree of control over the temperature of your shower than the pressure-balancing variety.These valves allow you to set the water temperature without having to balance the hot and cold water manually.

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In all scenarios, household tools and a plumber's small pipe wrench are all you need to complete the project in a few minutes. For tubs equipped with a combination hot-and-cold handle, look under the handle for the setscrew as that is how it is held in place.