Updating r4 card updating a bios in windows vista

Posted by / 25-Oct-2019 20:14

Now, however, first on the scene with a fix comes from the R4i team – that is the first R4i team, not the clone R4i guys (good luck listing them all, there are many fakes and clones!

Download the fix file from the R4i official website here and copy it onto the Micro SD card with your R4i menu files. Don’t forget you need to unzip the files using a program like Win RAR or Win ZIP.If you have not yet updated your Nintendo DSi’s firmware to 1.4.2, you’re fine with the DSi.However, if your DSi is already updated you must borrow a DS Lite, 3DS, or DSi v1.4.1 or lower.Before clicking “Start”, make sure your console is plugged in, because if you lose power during the R4i upgrade process you will damage the R4i card, possibly permanently.Also make sure you are connected to your Wi Fi network so that the upgrade will actually download correctly.

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Before starting, please remember that you 100% need to use a non-upgraded DSi console or a DS Lite to apply the update – if you’ve already updated your Nintendo DSi or Nintendo DSi XL, you will need to borrow another console (either a non-updated DSi or a DS Lite) to apply the update.

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