Updating magellan roadmate 3000t

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Updating magellan roadmate 3000t

Try transportation account details as well as weeks are likely to difference many different options contracts in addition tools. Click the button to follow the other customer thinking about 2200m Ah Battery For Magellan Road Mate 3000, Road Mate 3000T, Road Mate 3050T.

Sites such as Match.com, in contrast, also offer expanded publicity features if you want to draw additional attention from more members. HI all, Magellan is saying there's a new 2008/09 map update available for the 4250 ( but I can't seem to locate the maps (do i need to use my GPS unit? There could be some new highways on there, but I don't do much travelling anyway. Thanks for the feedback, Jeff There are NO MAPS yet. Magellan has finally released their updates to the web for downloading ( Seems I didn't need to use my GPS unit to find the updates... ka1167 - I got the link from the Magellan website; and I did receive the firmware update. Jeff What....website has the wrong links but you got the link for the site...has the wrong links ??? I guess we'll get it in a couple of months, like the firmware email. Eighty bucks seems like a lot to get some new streets that I most likely won't be driving on anyway. I would rather them get it right as opposed to having problems. Steve i just happened upon it (the new maps at .99). I haven't for a couple of years, and I know there are some new highways on the route I often take for trips.I had one to play with for a few weeks and it was pretty accurate. AAA members can get a 15% discount on the new maps.

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