Updating a split entry

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Updating a split entry

In many communities, entire subdivisions were constructed in the 1960s with split-levels and “ramblers”—ranches with a basement, says Brett West, a salesman with Mc Enearney Associates in Washington, DC.

“Many of these homes have survived and are affordable,” West says in his blog, noting that split-levels in College Park, Md., can be found for between 5,000 and 0,000, versus Colonial-style houses of the same size and condition for between 0,000 and 0,000.

Today, it’s a design rarely requested by home owners, says Cohen.

“I’ve never had a buyer say, ‘please, show me a split,’” says Joe Russo, a broker with Docks Only Real Estate in Lake Norman/Charlotte, N.

You can always go with something easy and simple, like capturing the family’s personality with the entryway.

Hang up your favorite painting, paint the stairs and show off a playful rug.

Many people are confused by their value and many people are confused on how to separate their entertaining spaces from their lounging spots.

But in actuality, these unique homes have a personality that traditional homes can never attain.

Just like we said previously, if your split happens in the entryway, then make things cohesive.

Despite some initial reservations about the style, Brenda Nixon says she has grown to love her 1970s four-level split near Columbus, Ohio.

“I never thought I’d live in one, and I didn’t like them, but now we’ve had this house for eight years, and I really like how compact it is,” Nixon says.

If your split happens to be in a very large, spacious area then you’re in luck.

It’s the most advantageous spot to have it and you can easily create a room that’s made to feel like you’re in some luxury loft in the mountains or in the city, based on your decor.

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Here’s a look at how the split-level came to be, and why it still deserves respect.

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