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Updating a registry key via command line

Windows Registry is a database that holds information about your operating system's configuration.

Generally speaking, users should avoid modifying values in the Registry, because unintended changes can sometimes occur.

To create a backup, select \"File\" from the menu at the top of the screen, then choose \"Export.\" Give the backup copy a name.

Find the area at the bottom of the dialog box labeled \"Export range\" and make sure the \"All\" button is checked.

Format here: This can be run on any Windows machine without installing other software.

var microsoft = microsoft

File Name : The filename to save or restore a registry hive. (Creating a new key) /S : Query all subkeys and values.Syntax: REG QUERY [ROOT\]Reg Key /v Value Name [/s] REG QUERY [ROOT\]Reg Key /ve --This returns the (default) value REG ADD [ROOT\]Reg Key /v Value Name [/t Data Type] [/S Separator] [/d Data] [/f] REG ADD [ROOT\]Reg Key /ve [/d Data] [/f] -- Set the (default) value REG DELETE [ROOT\]Reg Key /v Value Name [/f] REG DELETE [ROOT\]Reg Key /ve [/f] -- Remove the (default) value REG DELETE [ROOT\]Reg Key /va [/f] -- Delete all values under this key REG COPY [\Source Machine\][ROOT\]Reg Key [\Dest Machine\][ROOT\]Reg Key REG EXPORT [ROOT\]Reg Key File REG IMPORT File REG SAVE [ROOT\]Reg Key File REG RESTORE \Machine Name\[ROOT]\Key Name File REG LOAD File Name Key Name REG UNLOAD Key Name REG COMPARE [ROOT\]Reg Key [ROOT\]Reg Key [/v Value Name] [Output] [/s] REG COMPARE [ROOT\]Reg Key [ROOT\]Reg Key [/ve] [Output] [/s] Key: ROOT : HKLM = HKey_Local_machine (default) HKCU = HKey_current_user HKU = HKey_users HKCR = HKey_classes_root Value Name : The value, under the selected Reg Key, to edit.(default is all keys and values) /d Data : The actual data to store as a "String", integer etc /f : Force an update without prompting "Value exists, overwrite Y/N" \Machine : Name of remote machine - omitting defaults to current machine.Visit Stack Exchange As of the time of writing this, the accepted answer to this by David Marshall answers the question, but doesn't provide any detail beyond the link itself.In the interest of writing an answer that is both easily readable and invulnerable to potential link rot, I decided to write my own answer to the question.

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You can try creating a service, manually configure it through the Windows Service manager, and then see if copying the REG_BINARY value to another service definition in the Registry.

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