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The Yahoo boys usually brag, sag, do things loudly, drive flashy cars, and change cars frequently.They turn their music loud and wear expensive and latest clothes and jewelry.As noted in the above-mentioned academic paper (“Understanding Cybercrime Perpetrators and the Strategies They Employ in Nigeria”), the term “Yahoo Boys” is the nickname given to categories of young men in Nigeria who specialize in various types of cybercrime.According to that paper, in which researchers spent time with and interviewed at least 40 active Yahoo Boys, most of the cybercrime perpetrators in Nigeria are between the age of 22 and 29, and are undergraduates who have distinct lifestyles from other youths. It was clear that most were involved in online dating and buying and selling with fake identities.They also move in groups of two, three, and four when going to eateries.They speak different coded languages and use coded words such as “Mugun,” “Maga,” and “Maga don pay,” which all means “the fool (i.e., their victim) has paid.” I had never heard that Nigerian 419 scammers relied on voodoo to increase their email mojo, and I must admit the next part of the study freaked me out a little bit.Logs were indexed and archived each month, and most customers used the service to keep tabs on multiple computers in several countries.A closer look at the logs revealed that a huge number of the users appear to be Nigerian 419 scammers using computers with Internet addresses in Nigeria.

A few of the informants, however, denied that they use voodoo in the business, whereas others affirmed their use of voodoo.” While many of the victims of this keylog service appear to be 419 scammers, I found that just as often an account was apparently being used to keep tabs on trusting Americans who were being duped into sending money overseas, either in pursuit of some stolen riches or — more often — in hopes of finally meeting someone they had only met online.

Nigerian romance scammers often will troll online dating sites using stolen photos and posing as attractive U. Those who fall for the ruses are strung along and milked for increasingly large money transfers, supposedly to help cover taxes, bribes and legal fees.

As the FBI notes, once the victim stops sending money, the perpetrators have been known to use the personal information and checks that they received to impersonate the victim, draining bank accounts and credit card balances.

Each keylogger instance lets the user specify a short identifier in the “note” field (failing to manually enter an identifier in the note field appears to result in that field being populated by the version number of the keylogger used).

Interestingly, many of the victim PCs have a curious notation: “Yahoo Boys”.

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But that was before I shared a link to the site with a grey hat hacker friend, who replied in short order with the entire username and password database of more than 3,000 paying customers.

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  1. So I have been keeping my eyes and ear open for any sign that there is something wrong with the picture... He told me his reasoning for being on an online dating site is simply because he is FAR too busy to find someone any other way.