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Be alert to these, judge for yourself if they are manipulative, and carefully evaluate what you are being told and asked to do.Decide for yourself what you believe, what you accept, what you value, and what you are willing to do.When rules are understood as a reasonable means toward achieving a goal they can help it.We understand the value of driving on the right (or left, depending on your country) and stopping at red lights because these simple rules promote order and help keep us safe.Escaping responsibility is at the root of the tragedy of the commons.Taking responsibility for our choices provides the symmetry of reciprocal exchange and the basis for trust.But this increase in rules decreases autonomy which reduces responsibility. This is the failure of micro management; the target is frustrated by all the silly rules, and the manager is frustrated by the negative response, disengagement, and overall poor results.Treating adults like children by imposing arbitrary rules that destroy autonomy often encourages them to act like irresponsible children. It illustrates how submitting to authority reduces the sense of responsibility.

This leads to an unfortunate and all too common destructive spiral when one person or agency imposes arbitrary rules in an attempt to control another.

But arbitrarily imposed rules reduce autonomy, and therefore reduce responsibility.

Management, parents, teachers, agencies, partners, governments, organizations, and others often attempt to increase control by increasing the number of rules.

Having responsibility is the duty or obligation to act.

Taking responsibility is acknowledging and accepting the choices you have made, the actions you have taken, and the results they have led to. Taking responsibly is fulfilling your role in life.

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Free choice is only possible when we are autonomous.