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Tite cam

Stem seals combine the fire resistance of graphite with a reinforced PTFE bearing.Cam-Tite Ball Valves equipped with these components meet the requirements of API 607 (3rd or 4th edition depending on valve configuration).Since 1979 the Cam-Tite Ball Valve has become a performance leader in tough-to-handle services.The combination of the patented sealing arrangement and the superior stem seal design has ushered the Cam-Tite into services where its design superiority has proven itself over plug valves and conventional floating ball type valves.Available in: aluminum, stainless steel, forged brass, cast brass, ductile iron and polypropylene.

Most commonly supplied as reinforced PTFE, Firesafe seats incorporate secondary metal-to-metal seat rings and a special back seal for normal seat operation.The material has a practical temperature limit of 200 °F (93°C).PEEK is a tough high temperature engineered thermoplastic offering broad chemical resistance, excellent recovery from deformation, a high degree of dimensional stability, and exceptional resistance to hydrolysis.The company manufactures original premium quality camlock couplings that conform to MIL specifications.The EVER-TITE® original cam locking quick-coupling are ideal for quick, leakproof connections (without hand tools) for pipe, hose, tubing and tanks conveying liquids, powders, vapours and gases including cooling water, fuels, chemicals, cosmetics, foodstuffs, offshore, pumps, adhesives, dyes, pharmaceuticals, pellets and many more.

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This configuration minimizes pressure on the seating areas, thus reducing cold flow and prolonging seat life.

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