The village church singleness and dating dating on earth part 110 dbsk drama

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A study for a couple that wants to get married and for the couples that are. Instead of reacting, I want to respond with the gospel of not giving up.It is also good for parents to have a resource for their kids as well. I want to respond with the gospel that you are worth death to myself and I will give the life of the gospel to you…I am not going anywhere.Although my favorite book on marriage is still Tim Keller's Meaning of Marriage The Meaning of Marriage: Facing the Complexities of Commitment with the Wisdom of God I thoroughly enjoyed this book.Matt Chandler is one of my favorite preachers and authors and I find his insight helpful and entertaining.Problems I found were a few throwaway semi derogatory comments about preference things, like weight; and quite a bit of "women do/feel X, men do Y".While I'm sure these stereotypes occur in his own marriage, it's unfair and a little dangerous to make sweeping proclamations without any acknowledgement to other personalities.On page 208 he says the following:"Every failure in your life, every shortcoming, every stumble, every bloody knee, every broken nose is redeemed by Christ and used by the Holy Spirit to help shape, mold and serve what's behind you." In the church today we have to many young people who can only get advice from other young people which is not how God designed it.As Chandler says thats like "one blind man giving another blind man advice about vision". I was never allowed to discuss dating, self worth and temptations growing up, so I added rebellion out of sheer curiosity in my teen years.

It would be great for a high school small group study.

Fighting the dissatisfaction, fighting the expectation, fighting the selfishness and instead have a high value of marriage while fighting for the gospel.

It would be great for a high school small group study. When you have nothing good to say to me…I am not going anywhere.

Still a solid book I'll likely recommend to others, with these few cautionary notes.

I was a member of The Village when I lived in Denton, so I have nothing but love and respect for Chandler.

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