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Supreme court opinions dating

(Opinions appear in the advance sheets 60 to 90 days after the slip opinions are filed.) From this point forward, the text of the opinions on the website should be identical to what is in the advance sheet.Then, once the opinions in those advance sheets are republished in the bound volumes, the website is updated to incorporate the bound volume language.The website provides "no cost, no frills" access to the text of published appellate opinions.The opinions on the free-access website are intended to mirror the text of the official opinions that are found in the Washington Reports and Washington Appellate Reports series of books, as discussed in more detail below.The intent for this project is two-fold: to enhance access to justice by providing the public with free access to an accurate online version of the state’s precedential case law and to bring us closer to the point of having fully official opinions available online.The opinions are provided free of charge but may not be used for commercial purposes.The website includes only the state’s published appellate opinions; unpublished opinions are not available there.

(Sometimes even court orders that make substantive changes to opinions can get missed and errors can be made as they incorporate our opinions into their database.) Accordingly, when people quote language from a Westlaw opinion, the quoted language can be slightly different than the official.Having official electronic opinions appears to be the way of the future—the website moves us in that direction. Lexis Nexis has created the website and will maintain it for the courts as part of the publisher’s contractual duties.The website is modeled closely after websites that Lexis Nexis already operates for California and Massachusetts.Further, unlike the paid electronic websites (e.g., Westlaw and, the opinions do not include any links to cases, statutes, or other cited authorities.This no-frills approach is designed to provide free public access to the online text of the opinions, while still retaining a sufficient market for the sale of our official reporter volumes; these sales support the ongoing editing and publication of our opinions. The free-access website has a fully functional search engine that is based on the search engine that Lexis Nexis uses for its commercial website (

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