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Steam achivements not updating

You definitely should write what cargo have you already delivered.One of the most difficult and time consuming tasks.

But I don't think I'd pay to go pro next year again. But please: Tell us, if we have the chance, leaderboards will work as well as on the TA and TT partner sites... The top 3 posters of all time are Flippol (with 2,757 posts), thirtysmooth (with 2,668 posts) and Nomstuff (with 2,434 posts).

To unlock this achievement first you must check if you have the "Delivery on time" skill upgraded to second level, otherwise you won't have the urgent deliveries unlocked.

Then check if you have the "Long distance" skill at level two or, even better, level three.

You may choose to use them simply for tracking internal game data - so that, for instance, you can grant an achievement based on multi-session game play statistics collected from the user across multiple computers.

Achievements are application specific and are setup on the App Admin page of the Steamworks partner site.

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I think, most of us understand that some problems couldn't be handled in days. There are currently 25,507 forum posts across the 128 forums.

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