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She was possibly sexually assaulted, but the medical examiner couldn’t confirm this, because of the body’s decomposed state.

Bonilla’s cell phone records place him at Pegram’s residence and near Harleyville on the night of their date.

More than a month after her family reported her missing, Pegram’s corpse was found in a wooded area in Harleyville.

Her date, Edward Bonilla, was arrested and charged with her murder.

She said that they broke up when Bonilla was getting “too pushy.” Bonilla was found guilty of Pegram’s death, and was sentenced to life in prison.

Initially, no motive was established while Bonilla was awaiting trial.

Reports say that she died of “homicidal violence.” His ex testified in court that he was capable of being forceful.

She then said that she needed to use the bathroom, and stepped out of the car.

That’s when he claimed he accidentally hit her with the car.

Pegram was found with electric tape wrapped around her head and wrists.

An autopsy revealed that she suffered blunt force trauma to the head. Alcohol and muscle-relaxing drugs were also found in her bloodstream.

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That’s when she was strangled, and died in his arms.

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