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After Rahum did not return home from school, his family began looking for him, and found out that he did not go to school that day.

A short time later, his body was transferred to Israel.

The Security forces will not spare any effort to reach the murderers so that they would be punished severely." On 20 December 2011, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas privately met Awana in Ankara, for which he was criticized by Israel.

Abbas said that the release of the remaining Palestinian prisoners in Israel was at the top of the Palestinian agenda.

Next to them were five female Border Police officers surrounding a man in his 30s in sagging pants and a gray hoodie.

They were examining his green ID card — he must have been Palestinian laborer from the West Bank. “Free rides to Ashdod and Ashkelon — for Israelis only! “No.” I rode on until I reached the station’s southernmost entrance, where a young boy dressed in soccer gear and a sports bag draped over his shoulder stood alongside an older man — perhaps his father or coach. That minute-long bike ride was all I needed to be reminded of the fear, trauma, and hatred that exist under the surface in Israeli society, erupting most potently on days like this — when war feels inevitable, almost natural.

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