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During the reporting period, ATS screened many prisoners and identified and assisted at least four trafficking victims imprisoned as smuggling offenders; additionally, the government reported there were approximately 1,200 Ethiopians in detention centers, many of whom may be trafficking victims.

During the reporting period, Tanzanian and South African law enforcement officials cooperated in the investigation of a trafficking crime; the case remained ongoing and further details were not available.

The government reported identifying at least 59 (29 domestic child victims and 30 foreign victims), and referred them to NGOs for assistance.

Possibly overlapping with the government's reporting, an NGO reported the government identified 80 domestic child trafficking victims (80 child victims in 2016) and referred all identified victims to NGOs for care.

While ATS sent a proposal to eliminate the alternative sentence of fines to the Attorney General's Office during the previous reporting period, the government did not report any progress in reviewing this proposal or amending this provision during the current period.

The government also reported that the 2008 anti-trafficking act contains a separate procedural law within it, with different requirements for arrests and warrants than the procedural law for other similarly serious crimes.

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The government demonstrated increasing efforts by identifying more trafficking victims, increasing funding for the Anti-Trafficking Secretariat (ATS), cooperating with foreign law enforcement officials on a trafficking investigation, and launching a central data collection system for trafficking crimes.