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You have to purge some role configurations manually if they're corrupted, and this fact trips up many administrators trying to fix issues.This will prepare either a master or replica server, whose individual configuration diverges later.You can try 2008R2/2012 and it will sort-of work with hacks you can find on Google.I use 2012R2, but if you have the choice use Server 2016 because I do not trust Microsoft to backport all future WSUS fixes.The external server then rolls-up all client status to the internal server.This is great for a roaming laptop workforce without constant VPN access.

resize=768,547&ssl=1 768w" sizes="(max-width: 601px) 100vw, 601px" data-recalc-dims="1" / 3. On the Select server rolespage, scroll down and then select Windows Server Update Services check box.

It's best to over-provision storage as much as possible to give yourself slack space as WSUS naturally expands and contracts by tens of gigabytes during normal use. You can combine the particularities of split-brain DNS and WSUS replica servers to provide what your clients need, in the most appropriate way, from anywhere in the world, all rolling up to a single central console. The replica server will clone all the patch approvals on your master server, then report-back to your master server everything it does with external clients.

Regarding RAM I don't know the realistic minimum, but I'd say 4GB RAM . This is possible because the clients who request the IP address of WSUS. COM inside your network can be given your internal WSUS server, and external clients who request the IP address of WSUS. COM will be given your publicly-accessible server in the DMZ. How to configure the servers themselves will be later in the guide.

Remember, Windows caches commonly-used files in RAM, so the more RAM you have the better you can serve clients at wire speed. For the external server in DMZ, on the network layer allow inbound port 80 and 443 from external.

On CPU, I do know how it feels running WSUS on a two-core VM and a 1.8GHz E5-2403 server, and it's painful. Allow the server unlimited outbound access to the Internet, or restrict it to just the addresses in this article. You'll need to acquire that and install it yourself for the internal server, but we can get an automated certificate for the external server.

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For WSUS I use a 60GB OS disk and a 150GB storage disk.

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