Senior tv dating show

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There's no debate over who is going to pay for the date.

The bill is left on the table, unresolved, for the studio to handle. The idea that someone would actually go home with another person is almost too prurient for this exercise.

Diana Spechler doesn’t want her boyfriend to find his bride on television.

Mark Katz writes a speech for Bill Clinton that hinges upon an egg timer.

Conversations bleed into one another as the person across the table turns into someone else fielding the same questions.

All the excursions start with drinks, move on to dinner, and end with the possibility of a second location.

It's not that Nation, and still too glossy to feel like an accurate depiction of dating in New York.

That's its hard sell, after all: These are just regular people, not wannabe fameballs, and there's no promise of everlasting love.

Or people who don't see faces like their own on TV." Gurki, the star of the most viral clip from the show so far, is divorced; Leonard, is a widower of slightly advanced age.Gurki, a 36-year-old jewelry buyer for Barneys, is refreshingly open about her divorce, which does not sit well with Justin, a man who, by the way, announces that he made his ex give up her cat for him and then broke up with her.A disagreement about whether or not you give away a part of yourself when you're in a serious relationship -- Justin says yes, while Gurki says no -- segues into an unfair debate about Gurki's history.People announce their professions -- there is strong representation from the real estate industry -- but we get little sense of their daily lives or their passions, only little blips of what we assume are personalities. Thus, it makes sense that isn't stuffed with jerks, mostly.With two notable exceptions, the daters are just people seeking a connection.

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Even when the conversations got "real," they felt stilted, like the daters had come in with lines ready to go.

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