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Historically, it has been used as a natural supplement to ease the labor and delivery process.Although there are not any absolute studies that conclude the benefits of this, women continue to sing its praises.This tea is a caffeine-free brew that has been used for centuries for various ailments.I have dedicated this post as the Ultimate Guide for Raspberry Leaf Tea.Some rodents and small animals such as rabbits and squirrels use the raspberry plant thickets as protective shelters, and many types of birds nest in them.

Plant your seeds in the early spring and water the soil regularly.

Choose the leaves that are young, bright, and green.

Note that leaves will shrink when dried so harvest more than you need.

They continued to perfect the process, and they used the fresh fruits in trade.

The techniques continually improved and developed as the cultivation spread across Europe and eventually to the new world.

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The plant has small branches that contain leaves with 5-7 leaflets, but they usually do not have blooming flowers for the first year.

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