Sedating dog

Posted by / 20-Nov-2019 09:17

There are several medications, both prescription and over-the-counter, that people sometimes consider giving their dogs for traveling.

Most of these medications do not put the dog completely "out," but make them drowsy, uncoordinated, and more docile.

If it is at all possible, don't allow your dog to be put in the cargo area of a plane.

Travelling away from the home can be an issue for some dogs and they become distrustful of getting in the car – perhaps your dog has learnt to associate car journeys with the vet or other places they are less happy.

Some dogs are simply uncomfortable with the sensation of travelling and others find they get a little travel sick.

Perhaps your pets is little anxious about being in that familiar environment that they associate with bad times; perhaps they are simply having to undergo an uncomfortable procedure and need to be calmed down.

Luckily, these sedatives take the hassle of having to choose the correct approach out of your hands and you can simply place your trust in your vet.

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You can check this helpful page provided by the American Veterinary Medical Association for more tips on traveling safely with your dog: https://org/public/Pet Care/Pages/You May Also Like These Articles: How to Manage Your Dog's Over-The-Top Greetings How Do You Stop a Dog from Barking?