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Screenupdating vba does not work

First, when you are relying on implicit code, relying on such things can cause problems down the road when you make modifications to the code.For codes ran on one's own system, have that system do no more than 4 undo's Done via a registry setting , especially if dealing with large amount of data being copied and pasted as that eats up RAM and Excel only allows for up to about MB of RAM to be used before crashing.Screen Updating has been set to false Do you get the same results? The following Sub Test With Comments() provides additional information. Thanks, Sub Test WIth Comments() 'Demonstrates Workbook. Screen Updating = False ' Windows 8.1 V 6.3.9600 Build 9600 ' Excel 2013 (15.0.4551.1510) MSO(15.0.4551.1508)32-bit 'Place this procedure in any workbook ' Create a workbook named Book2in the same path as the workbook with this code ' If "Application. I have just switched to Excel 2013 and in this new version my screen keeps flashing a white window in Excel for each workbook that is unhidden. How can I get that annoying screen flicker to shut off? Screen Updating = False .displaystatusbar = true 'kinda need this line . Screen Updating = True End Sub Sub Close Files() err.clear On Error Resume Next with Application .

I have brought that to their attention and even though they know that I know Excel and their product inside out to the point that I not only exceeded their knowledge of Excel, but also of their own product with regards to how it interacts with Excel. There's only been one type of case where I still have to use the Activate method, but that's more so cause of the vendor and their development group doesn't truely understand how VBA works.

Sub Close Files() On Error Resume Next Application. Status Bar = "Please wait while files are closed." Application.

Display Alerts = False Dim r Cell As Range For Each r Cell In Range("Files") Application.

Set calculation mode to manual, then at the end, put it back to the user's setting.

In the case of when a worksheet change is triggered and the user doesn't want any more events triggered, then that's a perfectly good reason to use it, but for this sort of reason, and depending on how your codes are setup, especially if you use class modules and events within your codes, setting this "Enable Events" property to "False" may be a hazard to the objects being executed and give off unexpected results.

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Window State = xl Maximized Windows("Filename.xlsm"). Display Alerts = False .calculation= xl Manual 'sometimes excel calculates values before saving files .enableevents=false 'to avoid opened workbooks section open/save...