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Similar to the Random Video Chat, you may also leave the app five seconds before the conversation begins.

HQ Trivia Online is a game feature wherein you will be matched randomly with another user who is also playing the game.

Member profiles display how far you are with a particular member, and the last time that member was active.

It also shows the necessary information about the member’s lifestyle and appearance.

Match History simply lists all the users who you’ve matched with randomly by using the three features above. The other special features that don’t need downloading are: This feature lists all the members who have visited your profile.

It allows you to connect with them in just a click quickly.‘I’m a Superstar’ is a VIP feature.

When you click most of the graphics, there will be a pop-up notification saying that you need to download a plugin.This particular icon can come and go, and it depends on how many other users message that member on that day.Using Say Hi is relatively easy even to new users of the app.You will be quizzed and the user who gets the most points wins.This feature makes use of your video camera, and there is no way to turn it off. This feature matches you with a random Say Hi member to chat with whenever you shake your phone. This feature is similar to a discussion forum wherein you can post conversation starters or reply to posts made by other members.

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Themes are skins you can use for your app to foster personalisation. Profiles of Say Hi members have limited information, but it has everything you need to know to spark a conversation.

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