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That chapter Ilinked to also covers this topic.--Microsoft MVP -- ASP/ASP. The email account listed in my Fromheader is my spam trap, so I don't check it very often.You will get aquicker response by posting to the newsgroup. I have changed the query to explicitly naming the columns in the selectclause. The error that I got is causeed because in between executing the query"select [Order], Status, Price, Location from my Table where [order] = '" &(s Order) & "' and calling the .Recordsets, whileinefficient for updating data, do provide good functionality forhandling concurrency issues.These issues are ones you would need tohandle yourself if you resorted to a stored procedure.

Post by fniles Please let me know if I understand it correctly.Hi, I am getting this error message in VB6 with My SQL 4.1. Most of the rows update fine but some give the error below. The table has a field called inv ID that is defined as the primary key and is of the type int(11). Some values may have been changed since it was last read. This sample chapter from David Sceppa's "Programming ADO" book will help youunderstand why the error can occur: MVP - ASP/ASP. This email account is my spam trap so Idon't check it very often.If you must reply off-line, then remove the"NO SPAM"Selstar is not a good programming practice.

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You should make a point ofexplicitly naming the columns in your select clause so that1) you only retrieve the data you need, and2) you don't force ADO to generate metadata, which sometimes requires anextra trip to the database??? particularly the first chapter(chapter 11, I think)Here is the link again. If yournewsreader is breaking the line, you will need to reassemble the link: would be my preference, except that you must have had some reasonto choose an expensive keyset cursor ...

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