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A short ride on the new metro line from the airport, with its new Stadler units, took me to the main line interchange at Tikkurila.Tampere is the junction of the main line from Helsinki to the north of Finland, with branches to Pori, Turku and my destination, Jyväskylä.However, it became an important military location during WW2, especially the Continuation War when Nazi Germany enlisted the help of Finland and Lapland to take on Russia.To me, this is akin to the East Coast/West Coast gangster rap wars, with Death Row enlisting the help of MC Hammer and Richard Blackwood for their fight against Bad Boy Records.The show's executive producer, Nicola Lloyd, said of the upcoming series: "We're hugely excited about the new series of First Dates."It never seems to matter who walks through the doors of the First Dates restaurant, regardless of status we're all vulnerable human beings and our celebrity series confirms this." She added: "We're proud to be able to maintain the emotional integrity of the series through these four unique celebrity episodes."Be prepared for some romantic matches alongside a few awkward encounter."Speaking about her dating experience to OK!Online, reality star Jess, 30, previously dished: "It was probably the most nerve-wracking thing I've ever done."I hate dates anyway but a blind date and on television - it's like my worst nightmare!

After a slight dearth in football attendance, for the rest of the year I have sorted out a four weekly programme of European weekends away.

It is largely populated by absolute weirdos, even by railway standards, but there are one or two more normal members, who I was going to enjoy the local drinking scene with.

However, checking out ratebeer, there seemed to only be five bars in the town, with this being the most highly ranked.

The branches run at two hourly intervals, and they all depart at the same time as the north and south bound trains pass each other, forming a wonderfully connected services for passengers.

On the right is the Finnish version of a Pendolino, heading into Helsinki, whilst on the left are cross platform connections for Pori and Jyväskylä.

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Richard will appear alongside TOWIE star Jess Wright, Gogglebox's Scarlett Moffatt, TV star Esther Rantzen and Paralympian Will Baley, who will each attempt to meet the man or woman of their dreams as part of the televised blind date.

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