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Princeton gay speed dating

We have discussed “Sex on a Saturday Night” with dozens of students, including Catholic, Evangelical, Jewish, Mormon, and Muslim students, who find it offensive to their religious as well as their moral sensibilities.

Recently, some revisions have been made to the play, but it continues to imprint arriving freshmen with the message that vulgarity and promiscuity are the campus norm.

If the University is truly to be fair to all students, we must not continue to neglect these students’ needs. The first thing to do is to recognize that we have a problem.

It is not a result of bad will on anyone’s part, but we are failing adequately to support a segment of our student population.

They are not directed to supporting students who seek to live by high standards of sexual morality and self-discipline.

As Wolfe tells the story, Charlotte didn’t come to college looking for booze or hookups.Fields Center for Equality and Cultural Understanding.Whether or not one agrees with the ideological bent some of these centers may exhibit in practice, at least they represent the University’s good-faith effort to meet what are perceived as the needs of segments of our student body.And then there is “Sex Jeopardy” (officially “Safer Sex Jeopardy”), an event that freshmen are “strongly encouraged” by the University to attend.Modeled on the long-running television game show, this residential-advising study break invites students to show off their knowledge of such topics as anal intercourse, flavored condoms, dental dams, sex toys, and sado-masochism.

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Rather, these programs take as a given – and thus reinforce, however subtly – the ideology of the hookup culture.

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