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So because i recently moved i dont have an internet connection yet.

The last few days ive been playing gta v through steam by using my iphone to tether to my pc and start steam in online mode and after that starting gta v (as you might know, gta v requires an internet connection to start).

#3 GTA 5 PC 0xc00007b Error Fix If you are facing this issue while trying to launch the application, it’s most probably due to . You need to install the latest package from Microsoft and if you already have a latest version, try re-installing it.

As a workaround, you can create a new user and try installing the game on that.

If you are wondering that what characters are permitted to be used in the username, Rockstar has provided us a list.

I have to explore for a while to find it but once found it is the same as on the server.

"==="Extra unneeded info==="" I have tried removing mods that could conflict but the resulting system rework feels like a nightmare and since the bug only occurs with gregtech installed I am hoping to find a gregtech solution.

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