Perfect world not updating

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I'm getting sick and tired of updating Fortnite for my two kids that, each, about every other day, are bouncing around the house whenever I come home, tired, from work for me to provide the administrative password for Fortnite to be able to update. So I head over there, create an account, look around a bit to make sure I don't break any rules and then start looking for a "New post" button.

…Barry’s hat, which Peanut stole from a demon clown. The last time I did this (November 2017) I said that I didn’t want it to become a regular occurrence.

But as we get closer to the end of the comic (yeah that’s gonna be a thing that happens) and I need to bring all these loose threads together, I might need to take a break now and then to make sure I’m making the best story I can.

There is extensive information on bread baking, dry bean cooking, and also the use of whole whole.

I look and look and look but it's nowhere to be found. I'm just the poor sob getting tackled bi-daily to update Fortnite again.

I took me a while to find this READ ME FIRST which, ofcourse, is hidden in an ' Announcements' forum, all the way to the bottom... The only hint on how to post is: Again, I'm no Fortnite player but I do have a Play Station account. So then I end up here, ranting and hoping someone of "Epic Games" reads this post.

Does it require a password for the epic games launcher, or a password for the system account?

First question, are your kids playing on the computer (and if so, what type of computer? If it's new worlds, weapons, whatever, then, sure, I understand. This past week has been a mess for Epic and required 2 separate hotfixes, the game normally does not update that frequently And isn't there a way to make their accounts open the Epic games launcher with elevated permissions?

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That would cause so many issues (not to mention it would allow people to abuse bugs/glitches by not updating).

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