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Our lodging facility at Orca consists of a 37-room, two-story newly developed lodge on the water’s edge immediately adjacent to your helicopter’s landing pad.

Upon your return from a daily outing, a steaming wood sauna anticipates your arrival.

Our facility is the Orca Adventure Lodge, formerly known as the Orca Cannery which was established in 1887. No longer utilized for the fishing industry, remodeling has been directed towards making this a multi-seasonal adventure destination.

Credit: Jeff Jacobsen/Humboldt State University (Phys.org) —The development of a standardized killer-whale necropsy system has boosted the collection of complete data from killer-whale strandings from 2 percent to about 33 percent, according to a recent study from a team of scientists, including a University of California, Davis wildlife veterinarian.

The study, published recently in the journal Marine Mammal Science, suggests that the data can help scientists better understand the life history of the orca species.

Dating back to the 1800′s, commercial fishing has been the mainstay of the Cordova economy.

Today, visitors can watch as modern day fishers gear up for their seasonal salmon fishery. Don’t forget that there is plenty of adventure and exploration to be found in Cordova during the summer months also.

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Part of Cordova’s charm is her remoteness, yet she is not isolated.