Open source validating xml parser

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Open source validating xml parser

Each technology's mechanism to specify the technology and technology version is used, and the Web page is validated against the formal specification of that technology.

If a validator for that technology is available, the developer can use it.

See function descriptions and usage information in the source file.

Besides what is included in this release, work has begun on a Ruby extension to allow full access to edival in a Ruby-esque fashion.

This ends up as a kind of family-tree structure in the application's memory (tree structures are a common way for programs to store related data).Although this is the initial goal, the library is currently capable of parsing any EDIFACT or X12 message.Validation will take place provided that the application making use of the parser has access to the correct specifications and loads them according to the library's API.The developer can use online or off-line validators (including validation tools built into editors) to check the validity of the XML documents.The xmlvalidate task of Apache Ant can be used for batch validation of XML files.

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New features for this release: See the project page at for more details on additional bug fixes.