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So, I guess in a way, that’s what Pau Spam does, is take out people’s garbage. And my friend Andrew Lanning [PHONETIC], he says, You know, in business you can have it good, fast, or cheap. [CHUCKLE] He wasn’t too happy about that, but that was fine. [CHUCKLE] You weren’t quite sure what you were gonna charge? I think it’s maybe a subconscious thing that if you’re sleeping at the office, then you must be doing something right. [CHUCKLE] Hoala Greevy discovered his passion for software development in college, and at age twenty – four created Pau Spam, one of the first locally – owned computer spam and virus filtering companies. Hoala Greevy is a successful entrepreneur and businessman. And I was lucky enough to get a scholarship, so that’s why I got away to Portland State in Oregon. Because you valued your work, and you charged big time? And then, I split it with my buddy back home, ‘cause he had a compiler that I needed. And then, I just studied in the computer labs, and still pursued computer stuff, but just took something I liked, just to graduate. Were you trying to do any particular thing, or just go wherever it went? We’re in the midst of a huge mobile adoption that’s just getting started. What kind of a mind do you need to be a really successful software developer? [CHUCKLE] Thinking it can be done, and then having to work. Well, I worked at an email company in the Bay Area. I was doing some Linux consulting, which at the time was really hard to explain to people. It’s an open source operating syste And then, the few clients I had were complaining about the same thing over, and over again, viruses and spam. People check their phones every six minutes, or a hundred and fifty times a day. And people are saying, I don’t need a personal computer anymore; I can do this on my phone. Do you like that, working in a field where it’s just changing all the time, and you’ve really got to be on your game all the time? I mean, we’re seeing now with apps that people use, it’s impossible to advertise your way to the top. And so, the top apps have actually created habits out of people. I was a computer science major, and then I figured that was gonna take me about seven years to get out. I was like, Nah, let me just take something I like. Well, what are the problems you wanted to solve, and did, with your development? It sounds like you’ve found an area that will always require work, and so it’s great job security if you can keep up with demand. We’re seeing some changes on the landscape the last couple years, so definitely gotta think ahead and plan for what’s next on the horizon. But mobile video use exploded by thirty – seven percent last year. And I think the amount of Smartphones on the market was one billion last November, projected to be one – point – eight billion this December. Seventy – five percent of all mobile usage is a game or a social network. I don’t know what you want to call it, but definitely you versus the fish. But when I caught those marlin, I got lucky, I didn’t .

Yeah; they’re good fighters, and they give you the aerial display, and it’s kinda neat. It’s an ugly fish, but I got the State record for the fine scale triggerfish, or most fishermen call it. ‘Cause they’d be whistling and running, and the compactor’s coming down, and they’d be throwing stuff right at the right moment. And I couldn’t believe no one else had called, or maybe they had. So, it’s a scientific approach to being funny and silly, is what we’re doing. I remember kids would come out, and I wouldn’t be the only kid watching them. So, I followed up as soon as I could, and I don’t know, four or five days later, I met the guy in a Safeway parking lot with a three and a half inch disc. Staying up late, sleeping at the office, all – nighters, things like that. Oh, even out of college, sleep at the office, for sure. That could just stab you, it could go right through you. Yeah; there’s no boat to anchor you down or anything.

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