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This is a must if you are visiting Laos, before you travel find one or two girls on the web and set up dates to meet them when you arrive. Many are lazy riverside bars along the Mekong but Vientiane there are a few up market establishments that local Laos girls go to.

Asian Dating is probably the best, it is genuine and very few hookers tend to advertise on it. However, there is an growing collection of friendly bars and pubs that you can spark up a conversation with a chatty stranger.

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The country as a whole is far more conservative than Thailand but has several affinities with Issan in the north east of the country, even the language is very similar.

It is a great pity because many Lao girls used to frequent them to let their hair down.

They were cheap, noisy, very friendly and good places to meet the opposite sex.

Most of the very popular Beer Bars have now been closed down by the government as being seen to be too unruly for the capital.

I was caught up in a bad situation in Vientiane once after a night’s revelry on the town.

After leaving a club with a group of Thai friends we wanted the party to continue so took some whiskey down to the river and just sat quietly chatting and drinking.

Laos girls look very similar to northern Thai women.

A fact that many visitors do not know, that it is illegal for a Lao citizen to have sex with a non Laotian.

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A slight problem is that during the day the Laos women tend to wear the traditional dress the and trying to get a proper look at a girls figure sometimes is hard.

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