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NET Forum so that other people can learn from the experience too. -Frinny You may need to turn off validation even if you are not validating anything.

It seems like the Java Script can get mangled otherwise.

What happens with this is that the source is being created every time the user submits the page.

This means that when the user does an update, the data from that update is lost.

I'm having a very hard time understand what would prevent your event from being fired.Yep, when I click on Update (next to Cancel) and step through it in VS It does everyhing...hits all the methods it is supposed to and then just renders the page without even hitting on On Row Updating method. I stripped the gridview down to its basics and I got it to hit the on Row Updating. Remember this is a nested gridview and yes, I am rebinding it on Page Load.Before you can use any classes related to SQL Client data adapter, we need to import the Sql Client namespace in your application by using the following using statement.Next, we need to define the database connection string.

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I put a breakpoint on the Row Updating event handler and found that the event is not fired. I put a breakpoint on the Row Updating event handler and found that the event is not fired. In the Row Editing function, the edit textboxes appear and I can get the "old" values Then the page renders, I edit the textboxes and hit Update.

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