Nerd dating nyc

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Nerd dating nyc

And trivia is back for a final time too, so bring some pals, form a team, and try to win tickets to Book Con 2019. Nerd Nite NYC Tuesday May 14, 2019 Littlefield: 635 Sackett Street (Gowanus/Park Slope) Brooklyn Trivia Presentations: Doors at pm, starts at pm: Presentations-Only: Doors at pm, starts at pm: Back to the Lectures at-hand: *Presentation #1 Fatberg Ahead!What are They and What’s the Big Deal by Kim Worsham Description: You may have seen the recent NYC DEP ads on the subways talking all about fatbergs, but what are they?Are they the newest climate change concern destined to destroy modern civilization?Kim will walk you through a little bit about how our city’s sewer system works and what we’ve done to make fatbergs possible…and what we should do to make them go away.I’m happy to do it and it ends up being quite fun for both me and the audience.I’m a dynamic, wry speaker and I will not bore a crowd.

In either case, if you like computer techs., then this might be the site for you.Join five of New York City's most decorated wordsmiths and friends for a night of vocabaret exploring the past, present and future of language.We'll punch up your evening with word games, anagrams, etymological deep-dives and more She's about to saddle the hell up. From a one-eyed stage coach robber to the richest Indigenous woman in the world, get ready to caulk your wagon and pour out some whiskey to these ladies. Nerd Nite NYC is back on Friday April 19th at Caveat for our penultimate Nite of our 2018-2019 season, featuring three funny-yet-smart presentations about how fame can compromise even those with brilliant minds, sinister architects, and how 80’s detective shows helped our collective recovery from Vietnam.Magnum PI is totally bummed he’ll miss this Nite..bogus, dude! Tickets in advance, at the door.21 This event is mixed seated and standing room. REFUND POLICY: Tickets maybe be refunded up to 24 hours before the event.

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" Girl Geeks "Girl Geeks is an online community for women and girls interested in technology and computing." While not a dating site, Girl Geeks does provide a community site for women to be able to interact via a forum message board.

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