Neopets dating

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Neopets dating

Why can’t my baby floatsam wear the item “Bubbles in the Lake”?It does not appear as an option, but it does appear for my maraquan gelert. Or maybe official Neopets browser addons like the Shop Wizard?are there a lot of people still trying to redeem them?I would love to hold all pets on one account, would that someday be feasible?I miss then, is there a way you can reintroduce them to the site?Also, can you include us in NC item planning, or consider reaching out to us for ideas and requests in regards to NC?

Some items on four legged pets are harder to enjoy/appreciate.

Can there be a faster way to move items from old accounts to a new one (both neopoint items and neocash items)?

we could try, unfortunately that will make it easier for cheaters as well so we'd have to be very careful how we did this.

Is there any chance the rules can allow romance between our Neopets?

This is for subtle things like mentioning that they’re married or in a relationship. What would be considered against the rules to mention?

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